Sometimes I Have Outdoor Hobbies, Too.

I am so. Incredibly. Sore. Today. I went hiking at Starved Rock State Park yesterday and it was a complete blast. Beautiful frozen waterfalls, bald eagles, and cute puppies were some of the day’s many highlights.



The paths were incredibly icy, and we slipped and slid and fell down all over the place. It was more like an obstacle course than a hike, with many paths requiring climbing around steep ice patches or sliding down slippery frozen rivers on our bottoms. Needless to say, today we are battered and bruised but still happy with our fun, rugged day.


Today I’m teaching my friend Emily to knit. I have such crazy talented friends – like Val, Emily has taken to it like a natural and is already a pro at knit and purl. I hope she catches the bug and gets excited about knitting!!


Look at how even those stitches are!


Thrifted treasure


I found a complete gem yesterday. One of my favorite places in Champaign-Urbana is the Idea Store, a place that specializes in re-using and recycling everyday materials for craft projects. They sell everything by weight, so I’ve bought a whole sweater’s worth of yarn for about $3 before. Yesterday I was looking at their knitting supplies when I spotted an unassuming, vintage-looking case.


Upon opening it, I discovered that it was a nearly complete set of interchangeable needles. It’s missing the size 15 needles, but everything else is there. The plastic cables are a bit stiff and definitely need a hot-water bath to soften them up a little, but I’m so excited about putting them to work on a new project.  The case looks very 70’s, and it’s kind of shabby. It might need some sprucing up soon, but for now I’m excited about my new find!


Beginnings and ends

Today I had another pupil in my beginning knitting school. I have taught a few people to knit, with varying degrees of success. Some are too busy to practice, others don’t get the hang of it or get bored, but many have converted to the Way of Knitting. Today I sent another disciple down the path.


I got Val started on a beer sock. She took to it like a fish to water and is a few dozen rows in. I think her stitches are remarkably even for a beginning knitter!!


In other news, my cowl is done but the pattern is unfinished. Here is a prototype – I need different buttoms



Also, I did some sweater surgery – It looks fitted and cute now. Though I have to say, cutting my knitwear was extremely stressfull!

Green and Blue.


Today I watched my favorite team lose the NFC Championship game. The Packers fought hard, nearly won, and gave it up in the last quarter. It was a hard loss to watch, especially when we’d had so much hope for three quarters of the game. Five minutes destroyed our hopes for a Super Bowl shot.

Even so, I’m still proud of my Packers. We had an amazing season and I enjoyed the ride. Hopefully next year we can come back strong, healthy, and full of fight.

I wore my most recent shawl with my jersey today, because doesn’t a hand-knit shawl go with everything?


I’m going to spend the rest of today enjoying two of my favorite things, knitting and manhattans. My cowl is nearly done and is just waiting on some trim, buttons,   and blocking. Look for a pattern early next week!


My Manhattan ended up looking a little like Mickey Mouse.