I’m Dreaming of a Late Christmas

Oops! I did it again. I left Christmas presents to the last minute, which, in my case, is mid-January. After spending January with my family, I’m heading back to Urbana, Illinois, and I still need Christmas gifts for a few of my good friends. I decided to go the quick-and-dirty route and knit them some cowls in big chunky yarn. At this point, spring is coming soon, and I figure some cool, cottony cowls will be just the thing to keep them well-decorated and cozy without smothering under the weight of wool.

My friends are a bunch of hippie recyclers, so the only thing better than a handmade cowl would be a handmade cowl made of recycled materials. Luckily, Lion Brand’s Fettucini yarn is made of factory remnants of various fabrics, mostly cotton. You never know what color or pattern you’ll get, so it’s hard to match lots. This makes it perfect for one-skein projects like scarves.


I picked up a black skein with a bit of white screenprint, a robin’s-egg-blue, a plain cream, and a periwinkle with a leafy pattern in white.

I tried knitting the periwinkle first, but it was clearly too discolored for a cowl. It looked like it had been wrapped around a rusty rod and rolled around a shop floor. A shampoo bath and a dip in hydrogen peroxide got out the darkest of the stains, but it’s still not scarf-worthy. Instead, I decided to make a knitting bag for myself.


It has a square base and a pyramid top, with no bind-off and a handy wrist-strap. My mom agreed to model it – looks like she needs to improve her knitting technique a bit 😉 She’s holding a sweater I’m currently in the process of designing – stay tuned for updates on that!


Here’s a link to the pattern on Ravelry – it’s free! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/knitting-wristlet

I made the robin’s-egg and the black-and-white into simple cowls for my friends. The first is based on the Drop Stitch Cowl – a Ravelry staple. The Lion Brand yarn is a bit stiff, making the drop-stitches rather annoying. It bulks up the scarf’s volume quickly, though, which is useful when yarn is limited.




The second is even simpler – stockinette with a few rows of seed stitch to keep it from curling. This one’s my favorite – I think it looks a bit like constellations in a night sky.

Thanks for reading!