Thrifted treasure


I found a complete gem yesterday. One of my favorite places in Champaign-Urbana is the Idea Store, a place that specializes in re-using and recycling everyday materials for craft projects. They sell everything by weight, so I’ve bought a whole sweater’s worth of yarn for about $3 before. Yesterday I was looking at their knitting supplies when I spotted an unassuming, vintage-looking case.


Upon opening it, I discovered that it was a nearly complete set of interchangeable needles. It’s missing the size 15 needles, but everything else is there. The plastic cables are a bit stiff and definitely need a hot-water bath to soften them up a little, but I’m so excited about putting them to work on a new project.  The case looks very 70’s, and it’s kind of shabby. It might need some sprucing up soon, but for now I’m excited about my new find!



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