Sometimes, I underestimate myself.

Today I did it twice.

I brought home two skeins of orange yarn for my sweater project – 150 yards total.I don’t know why I thought two measly skeins would get me through a month at home, but they didn’t. I’m all out of yarn and I still have four days to go, so I decided to dig through the stash of my Grandma’s old yarn that I inherited a few years ago.

Two words: Gold. Mine.


In addition to a few hundred yards of pine-green wool, she also had two GIANT CONES of a mohair blend. MOHAIR. It’s got acrylic in it, but it still has that fuzzy, beautiful mohair halo.

I’ve decided to test-knit a pattern I designed a while ago but haven’t published. It’s a cowl in a two-color stitch pattern called the Royal Quilt stitch. Google it, it’s a bombshell.


In addition to my knitting abilities, I also underestimated my academic skills. Back in September I applied for a pretty hefty grant, which I really didn’t think I was capable of getting. Well, today I received word that I made it to the final round! No guarantees yet, but I’m pretty proud that I made it this far. I’m lucky to have a lot of great mentors and professors who helped me along the way, and I couldn’t have gotten this far without them.

P.S: I made this terrarium for a friend today. Terrariums are such a fun way to bring some green into your life, as well as recycle old glass!



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